Malik Adamson

Before GCF I was working an overnight security job that wasn’t very conducive to growth and I was stagnant. My life has changed because I’ve worked on a lot of skills that I never knew could interest me like of course networking. I’ve always liked to talk to people but I’ve never used it to develop business connections or anything meaningful. I think working at Red Hook Farms was also pretty impactful because there was the smaller NYCHA farm and the huge community farm. It really is a community farm because they are trying to help educate people and bring green spaces back to NYCHA as well as the city in general. I want to thank the entire staff, I can’t narrow it down. I mean it, I thank everyone- Aram, Stephanie, Amelia, Rosalba, Precious, Lisbeth, Jen, Tonya, and the Farm Managers Nef, and Anita.

To my employer: I believe that as an employee, my ability to cooperate with others and always problem solve is an asset I can bring to any business. With my eagerness to learn more about my career, you can expect me to fit right into any setting.

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