Makirah Washington

Before GCF I was doing nothing and looking for employment. My mom saw an email about the program and told me I should do it because I was looking for a job for a long time, but nobody wanted me because I had no experience. Nobody ever gave me a chance before, but GCF called me and gave me a chance. I’m now a little calmer and have more patience. I don’t see it, but everybody says it so maybe I am a little calmer now after the program. I never thought that it would be relaxing to grow food. I learned from everything I did. I never recycled, but now I do. I make sure everyone in the house recycles now. Aram, Stephanie, and Amelia helped me a lot. Amelia with the social work, and Aram and Stephanie with the career stuff, which was really important to me. I think I have a lot of the stuff but needed help with the steps. There were times when Wes listened to me with personal stuff. He was the only one I talked to about personal stuff and was my Team Leader for a short amount of time. He had patience with me.

To my employer: I like to learn new things. I’m self motivated, hard working, and able to get the job done.

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