Luis Velez

Lius’ Testimonial:

Before Green City Force I was home all day not doing anything for myself, always being nagged by parents whether or not I was going to get a job. Then by luck I got a call from a staff member telling me that I have an opportunity to join this great program. I read up on what they do and why they did what they are doing now and I was amazed. All the certifications and hands on training they have can be a real door opener. All of my experiences doing service, from the door to door outreach to the urban farming, really made me a different person. I am more confident in myself and G.C.F really goes the extra mile to take you out of your comfort zone. From having you speak in front of everyone or just doing ice breakers to get you comfortable with everyone. Everyone has helped me in one way or another I can’t thank them enough for making me the person I am today. I plan on taking the knowledge I’ve obtained from Green City Force and using it in the outside world we all face today. Some days were harder than others, but in the end we all stuck through and made it out of the fog.

One of the things that really stuck to me was the community that rose from the cohort.Who would have thought a large group of strangers could suddenly become a large family in such a small amount of time. It’s true what they say: A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet.

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