Lucynthia Santiago

Lucynthia’s Testimony:

Green City Force has meant a lot to me and gave me a reason to stay committed and motivated. It taught me values in life, such as teamwork and sustainability. I chose to become a Corps Member with GCF because it seemed like a great opportunity and I wanted something other than the jobs I have had in the past. Before GCF, I was only working and wanted something better for myself. My plans after GCF are to find a career and obtain an education. I would like to thank my support team: Team Leader, Lawrence, social worker, Amanda, and my fellow Corps Members and friends Jazzmen, Shamika, Tajerei, Crystal, Angelica, Mario, and Dwayne. These individuals have helped me through tough times and have always been there when I needed them the most. I also want to thank all of the GCF staff for all their hard work and support.

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