Edward Leicht

Edward’s Testimonial:

Green City Force’s info session and learning about the urban farm built within the Red Hook housing projects pushed me to pursue becoming a Corps Member. I volunteered on a rural farm before with my sister in North Carolina and the experience was amazing. It introduced me to things (mostly food) that I had never experienced before. So when I was offered a chance to work on a farm again, especially one I never even thought could exist, I knew it was far too good to pass up. I never considered the idea that a farm could survive in an urban environment and yet when I joined the farm team I was quickly proven wrong. Not only were the crops just as good as any grown in a rural farm, they were even better in some ways. Mainly, it allowed residents of Red Hook to come down and ask for a harvest right there and then. I am still amazed by this space, where people who do not usually have access to fresh produce can pick up a portion of their dinner. Being on the farm team has been a great learning experience. I am so thankful for the opportunity.

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