Lafertaque Higgins

Lafertaque’s Testimony:

I chose to become a Corps Member with Green City Force because it was the direction I already wanted to get into. I wanted to get my green credentials so that I would be able to find jobs to help the planet and people simultaneously. I always knew that helping people was my passion, but GCF enhanced my opportunities and I can truly say I am on the path that I want to be on. Before GCF, I provided my service by recycling, planting flowers, and cleaning up in order to make my NYCHA development look nice. This program taught me that I need to preserve where I live because the effects of what we are doing is taking a toll on the earth and it will not be here for our future kids to come. After graduating GCF, I will not stop trying to find ways to better the earth. My Team Leader, Elliezer, helped me to see that I was good at a lot of things and should not let the opinions of others determine my path. He made me realize that sometimes I need to help myself before I go and help everyone else.

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