Angie Lacy

Angie’s Testimonial:

Before I came to GCF I was lost. I didn’t know what to do, or where to go. For two years I feel like I did nothing, but hang out with my friends. As time went by, I noticed my friends were slowly disappearing; they began to graduate and earn jobs, while I just sat there and did nothing. Until one day I found the flyer for GCF in my building and decided to apply. I wanted to join Green City Force because I wanted to change my life around. I was tired of seeing everyone around me succeed but myself. GCF has taught me a lot in the past six months. They taught me how to be persistent, never give up, and go after my dreams. After GCF, I plan to go to college and obtain a Bachelors Degree. I’d like to thank Kenta Darley-Usmar, Mara Cerezo, Erika Symmonds, and Irene Shen for being great supports and not giving up on us. Thank You and congratulations, my fellow Corps Members. We made it!

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