Kristopher Taylor

Kristopher’s Testimony:

To me, Green City Force was the beginning to a new life socially, physically, and mentally. It helped me to become more open and understanding to new experiences. Before I became a Corps Member, I was an open book, looking to see what I was going to write for the next chapter of my life. I did not have any plans and I did not know what my next move would be. Then I saw a GCF flyer and asked myself “why not?”. It is one of my greatest milestones to have completed my term at GCF. There were so many skills I developed, learned, and discovered about myself. I was so shy and quiet during orientation, but the GCF staff helped guide me to discover that I have great people skills. I feel that I can take the skills I developed in GCF and find a nonprofit organization where I can help educate as many people as I can about living a sustainable life. I would not have achieved this without the help of the staff, from the Team Leaders, to the office staff, to the Corps Members. All of these people helped me build my strength and grow.

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