Kristian Hidalgo

Kristian’s Testimonial:

When I started with Green City Force I didn’t know what to expect. It has been an amazing experience filled with education and excitement. I can honestly say it’s been great to meet the staff and fellow Corps Members. You can really feel the love everyone has for one another. When I enrolled in GCF I only needed a source of income, but it was a great decision (made by my mother). Before GCF I was working for Whole Foods Market and AMC Theatres. Both of those employment opportunities taught me a lot about how to respect my fellow man and treat everyone as an equal. The best thing I learned at GCF is how to put myself before others when it counts. I say this because when an employment opportunity arrives, you’re the one taking the interview. So while it’s great to have friends, you have to be able to flip that switch, and turn it on. Another plus about GCF was being able to work with Joshua Owens. He has been a great inspiration and supervisor. I can honestly say I look up to him. He is very understanding and patient with his Corps Members. I enjoyed my time working with him throughout these last six months and look forward to working with him in the future.

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