Kristen Agosto

Kristen’s Testimonial:

I chose to be a Corps Member with GCF because it was an opportunity for me to learn new things and to better myself, but also to gain new experiences to use in life even after I leave this program. Before GCF I was volunteering at the PPZ and to this day I still volunteer there. As a Corps Member, I helped other NYCHA residents better their homes and also their environment by recycling, gardening, and making their homes more efficient. We also learned all these things ourselves. The most important thing that I learned from GCF is the electrical work that we did at Solar One, because it showed me a new skill that I can develop. My plan after GCF is to go back to college to get my Vet Tech degree. I want to thank my Team Leader, Wesley. I want to thank you because you were literally the best boss I have ever had. You pushed me to do better, but even when I was at my lowest you were there for me. I also want to thank all my friends that I have made here and also I want to thank my family for supporting me the whole way and continuing to support me through my choices.

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