Kiara McKay

Kiara’s Testimonial:

My time at Green City Force was a great learning experience as well as really helpful for me. Prior to GCF I wasn’t doing anything with my life. When I started Green City Force I really didn’t understand why they would be so hard on us–making sure we were in business casual, or full uniform, or we weren’t laughing or playing around. Then I realized it was because we only had six months to become the professional young adults they want us to be. Even though I’ve had some not-so-pretty moments, I’ve had times I wouldn’t change for the world. They always told us, “Trust in the program”, and once I saw how they can really make this happen for me I really began to trust in the program. I lost my brother over a year ago to gun violence and felt like I had no one to turn to, so I took on all the feelings by myself. GCF helped me start the process of creating my own non-profit that will be a place for young people to go to who have lost loved ones to gun violence. When I brought up the idea, Lisbeth was so excited and more than happy to help me, which meant so much to me. Ms. Shepherd and other staff connected me to all the right people. While doing so she made sure I didn’t lose sight of my vision. This is what you get from GCF–a support family. It’s not just a team, it really and truly is a family. Along with helping me with my non-profit I received training and certification. I got my GPRO and Solar Installation Training. So yeah, now that I think about it, all I had to do was “trust in the program”.

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