Kevin Gonzalez

Kevin’s Testimonial:

Coming all the way from Harlem, Green City Force definitely seemed a bit of a stretch for what I envisioned for my progression in the world. Yet this undertaking has proven to be one of the most impactful and influential points in my 20 years of life, transitioning me out of an unfit situation to become a professional and environmentally aware individual. What this program provided me was more than a chance to survive in the normality, but instead to plant work and aspirations and watch it bloom into passion and standards, as we bask in the fruit of opportunity, all from this seed of change. This journey takes a toll on the mind and body, some of which can seem overwhelming, but after all of the pressure we face it reshapes the foundation of our progression, our roots to success. Though we have come to a transitional period in our book of life, I have not faced this chapter alone and would like to share my utmost regards with those who have supported me: the staff, the mentors, the family, and my colleagues. As we move forward, tomorrow has no clear depiction, but for us to exceed the bar, just fact not fiction.

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