Kelvin Casimiro

I was getting my GED before Green City Force and working in an internship. I wanted a second chance at life and to make a change. I feel like I’ve made a big change because I have more opportunities, and supervisors that will give me a good letter of recommendation. Before joining GCF I was a quiet, stick to myself kind of guy. Now I’m the first one to speak up when meeting somebody new. I never would have pictured myself meeting and talking to so many new people.

I would like to thank Stephanie, Amelia, Aram, Wesley, Precious, Tonya, Erin, Lisbeth and Melissa. You all helped me to become the person I am today, whether through advice or helping me to figure out the program and why I am here.

To my employer: My short term goal is to become an electrician or construction worker. My long term goal is to become an architect. Though it would take years of school, being an architect is a goal I will achieve because I am persistent, hard working and motivated.

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