Kaela Arroyo Testimony

My experience at Green City Force was cool. I was very interested in learning new things, working with kids, doing the right thing for my community, all of the events and just meeting new people. Before Green City Force I was just working retail as a supervisor at the Food Emporium supermarket. My life changed due to all of the knowledge I’ve learned here at Green City Force and the help they offered me to be where I am today. I love the Team Leaders, I’ve had all three of them and they all have their own different ways they teach the cohort. I have truly enjoyed serving with all of them. I thank Green City Force for accepting me into this program, for understanding me, and because I got the chance to serve with Chastidy, Thomas, Shanique, Kaliya, Vivi and Isaiah that I truly love. They pushed me all the way through and when I wanted to give up, they stopped me and told me to understand what I’d be giving up. So I just pushed through and now I’m here today. After Green City Force I hope to look more into working with kids, giving them all the knowledge that I’ve learned, whether it’s in the farming world or school.

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