Justin Martinez

I am a young adult who lives in NYCHA housing, looking for ways to better my community and myself. Green City Force was and is a great opportunity for me to take my life in a new and better direction. I chose to be become an AmeriCorps Member to find or pursue a better way of living, and to gain skills and experience serving a greater purpose. I also enjoy helping people very much, and often feel that people should not have to suffer or have less. I have a strong urge to make my family proud and do better by them. Before I came to GCF I was searching for an opportunity and just wasn’t having any luck, or just couldn’t find anything geared towards me. GCF taught me how to look into myself and discover my passion. Something important I can say I learned while in this program is to give your all for everything; never pursue anything halfway, because how you start is what builds the path ahead.

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