Joshua Owens

Joshua’s Testimonial:

Serving my second term as a Service Associate has been an amazing learning experience for me. From being given the chance to come in and help the team leader out with the new team, to being able to bring in my learning experience from the previous cohort, to now help lead the Love Where You Live challenge alongside Lawrence throughout multiple developments. Over the past year I have developed so much professionally and am now looked to as a leader by the new Corps Members. Green City Force and the staff here has not only played a big role in my youth development skills, but also in my everyday life. Through this past year I’ve been through one of the worst experiences as a young father. But getting that moral support from the Team Leaders when I thought I had no one to turn to just meant everything to me. This has truly been an honor to work alongside so many inspiring people. No matter where I’m going from here, I know I will always be a part of Green City Force.

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