Kenneth Jones

Kenneth’s Testimonial:

Green City Force for me means an opportunity, because that is what they gave me. Before GCF, I was going from job interview to job interview. The couple of jobs I did attain, I only maintained for a couple of months before I would end up quitting. I wish I had known about GCF before I graduated high school. Then, I would have gone straight into this program instead of going to college, dropping out, and now carrying loans I have to pay back. GCF has helped me with my professionalism and work ethic. I now feel more prepared to enter college than I was three years ago. After GCF, I plan to get a job in maintenance and apply my Energy Efficiency Building Operations Specialist (EEBOPS) certification, which I received through GCF training. GCF helped me look at life differently. I now realize life is too short, and if you want something, you have to go for it right now. I would like to thank the GCF Team Leaders, and the whole staff for giving me an opportunity to do something with my life and make my family proud. Thank You.

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