Jerrell Eldridge

Jerrell’s Testimonial:

For starters, I’d like to thank the entire Green City Force staff and Corps Members for supporting me and contributing to my progress. I don’t believe there’s anyone I can give special thanks to because everyone has been exemplary. The community established over the course of this cohort felt exactly like my high school: friendly and enriching. Green City Force has given me a lot of opportunities for employment in New York City. I was presented with more opportunities in the first two months of this program, than found in the four months I spent seeking opportunities via agencies designed to find them for me. The program has also enabled me to live a dream I have had since the age of five: to travel all over New York City. The primary reason I chose to become a Corps Member with Green City Force was my genuine concern for the environment. When I saw the flyer advertising the program, I was focusing on being able to make more noticeable efforts to restore or improve the natural environment. Admittedly, in my early days, I often forgot about the benefits provided by the program, because I was too focused on the rigorous work associated with said benefits. That being said, I learned that work isn’t as black and white as I thought it was. People can establish friendly communications with others without having to be dull and strict all the time. After Green City Force, my plan is to make myself financially stable, and then return to college. While there will always be complications with finances, I would like to dispel my current complications before I return.

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