Jeremiah Clements

Jeremiah’s Testimonial:

Before joining Green City Force I was a hopeless dreamer working a few dead-end jobs without career advancement, confused as to what my next step would be. Being a Corps Member has improved everything and has made my path straightforward. Now my goals and aspirations have grown into tangible ideas that could change the world. While in GCF I learned that it is important to be sustainable by preserving our Earth’s natural resources for future generations, and how to be energy efficient. Being a part of GCF has been a great experience and the staff here has not only played a big role in my youth development skills, but also in my everyday life. Being a young African American father from a low income community was not only one of my struggles, but through the course of my six months I persevered through one of the worst health experiences known to mankind. Pushing through to the end taught me that I’m not a statistic and with determination, nothing is impossible to achieve. I want to personally thank Shaneé Lucas, Joi Rowe, Lawrence Harris, GCF staff, and my fellow Corps Members for the daily encouragement and support. I will always love and respect Green City Force as family.

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