Jeniece Pratt

To me, Green City Force means opportunity. Becoming a Corps Member has really opened my eyes to what society DOESN’T want people to know. Green City Force has also introduced me to many important people in New York State. Green City Force gives you the support to want to start your own businesses, and even to possibly run for city council if you really want to! Before I joined Green City Force, I was always at home, watching TV, playing games. Sometimes I’d hang out outside and then pick up my little sister when it was time for her to get out of school. One day as I picked my sister up, we went to my mom’s job, and there I saw the flyer to apply for Green City Force. I saw all the different opportunities they offered and it drew my attention. What drew my attention the most was “Urban Farm Corps” because I used to do gardening with my grandmother when I was a little girl. Automatically, I knew that it was time to stop being lazy and do something worthwhile for myself. As I served in Green City Force, I’ve learned to use my voice more. Before I started I barely spoke, and if I did, it was a very small voice, so small that talking normally, no one could hear me. But in Green City Force I specialized on the Outreach Team, and that really helped pull my voice out of me. From hosting Farm Based Learning sessions, to hosting farmstands, I have learned to find my most important factor: my voice. After Green City Force, I plan to go back to college, work part-time, and to continue to work on my business: The Blac Kitchen. I have no doubt that The Blac Kitchen will prosper. I would love to give thanks to Lisbeth; without her The Blac Kitchen would still be just an idea. I’d also like to give thanks to Andrew, who really helped me get through some of the toughest times. I am so grateful for my Team Leader, Andrew, “Hit My Piece”. I am also grateful for Felicia, for she has guided me down the path of reclaiming my time. I’d also like to thank The Swaha Fire 9–I love y’all–but most of all, my Swaha Sisters (Lady Flames). You guys are so amazing and we hold it down forever. I’d also like to thank a Corps Member who isn’t with us, Khammoine. Even after she left she still made it her business to keep in touch. I salute her for that. And lastly, to Cohort 14, I love you guys. I may not have gotten too, too close to some of you, but these last 10 months have been a blast! Hold it down and keep in touch. Again, I love you all!

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