Jeanece McLeod

Jeanece’s Testimony:

Over the past five months, Green City Force has become more than just a program to me, they became a family. Before GCF, I was just sitting at home, being a mother to my son. After a year of doing nothing, I just wanted to get out the house. I saw GCF on the news and decided to see what it was about. The most important thing I have learned in GCF is that you have to put yourself first at times, because people will always get in the way of your plans to achieve your goals if you allow them to. My plan after GCF is to work the job they help me get to the best of my ability. I would like to thank my Team Leader, Elliezer Villanueva, for always being there any time I needed a word of encouragement. Thank you for pushing me beyond my limits and telling me “I can” when I did not think it was possible.

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