Jamila Assing

Jamila’s Testimonial:

I came into Green City Force ready for a change in my life; a change for the better. I thought it
was going to be easy, but shortly after I became a Corps Member I came to realize that it wasn’t
as easy as I thought. I was so stuck in my ways feeling like I wanted to change but couldn’t
really do it. I’m a very stubborn person who has a hard time following rules and I started to
think negatively. The big picture that I painted of going to college, being successful, and being
positive shortly had begun to fade; my patience began to grow thin and my hopes and dreams
began to diminish. Green City Force has very caring staff who want what’s best for you and
really work with you. You can go to them and tell them anything and they go out of their way
to help you. They teach you, they support you, they care for you. They taught me that
communication is the key, they taught me professionalism, they taught me they there’s a time
and place for everything, they taught me patience, and they taught me many, many more
lessons. This experience has helped me gain many skills, like urban agriculture, handling a
circular saw, the concepts of composting, and food prep. Over the course of the program, I
brought up my math skills and I feel like I’m leaving as a much better person than I was when
I came in. After I’m finished with Green City Force, I plan on going to college and getting
a part time job. I will take with me everything I learned at Green City Force.

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