Jamal Chase Testimony

My year long term of service with GCF did a lot for me, mentally and physically. I learned a tremendous amount of skills, was pushed to think ahead and challenged to get through tough situations. Before GCF I had just graduated high school and was struggling to find my place in the world. Now I’ve got the right mindset and tools to progress in life. I’m feeling smarter and stronger than I have ever been and GCF sparked a fire under me. The people I’ve met I will never forget. Everyone is so different but at the same time clicks as if we were all the same. I want to thank Andrew, Che, and Carson who molded me to be a better person. They’re the reason why I made it so far and all credit is due to them. I want to thank John and Aram who were great teachers to me and gave me knowledge for the future. Felicia was always a blessing to talk to. I feel like she elevated my mind during her sessions. And shoutout to my bros Quason and Jacob who came a long way in their journey. It did a lot for me seeing everyone else go through changes and I’m proud to see all my GCF people doing their thing. I wanna thank y’all too.

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