Jaede Scott Testimony

Being in GCF made me realize I could smile again. I have people who became family and I realize my voice matters no matter what I thought before. Even though I sometimes feel like me just being one person won’t fix things, there have to be a lot more me’s out there in order for an actual change to be made. I’m going to put myself into it and be the voice for those who feel they can’t speak. I feel I came a long way and I’ve come out my comfort zone. Everytime I do go outside my comfort zone it pushes me a little bit further, especially with being more social because I’m a person that really keeps to myself. I also feel I need to work on raising my voice (which I try very hard and it seems it doesn’t get any louder unless I’m upset) and public speaking. I’m not really big on that but as everybody can see I’m working on it. I’m not perfect but I’m giving it my effort to get somewhere.

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