Vaughniesha Hilliard

Vaughniesha’s Testimonial:

The summer before Green City Force I was enrolled in Medgar Evers College and working in Key Foods. I realized that I was not yet ready for college and I applied to Green City Force. August was a very good month for me; I turned 19 and I chose to be a part of Green City Force. At first I thought I wasn’t going to make it as far as I did. I was stressed out and dealing with some personal issues. However, I soon learned to leave these stressors at the door. Green City Force opened my eyes to so many opportunities for young people like me. Green City Force also taught me to strive for excellence in order to persevere. This is why I chose to stay on top of my service hours. I learned that we control our own destination and who is a part of our journey. Now my journey consists of returning to college so that one day I can be sustainable. I plan to get my Ph.D in psychology with BA in business. I hope to open my own Psychology practice within a green building that uses renewable resources. I want to personally thank my Team Leaders Oronde and Wesley for being the two male role models that I need in my life; my fellow Green City Force Corps Members, who have grown to become a family; and last but not least, Lisbeth Shepherd— if it were not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to form the glow that your organization gave to me.

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