Natasha Hayes

Natasha’s Testimonial:

My experience with Green City Force has been life-changing. I am living efficiently to brighten my future. My decision to become an AmeriCorps member at GCF came about when I realized it was the perfect opportunity to settle my financial hardships and also save up to go back to college. Before GCF, I had participated in a 15-week program to enhance my occupational skills. What GCF has taught me was to not be a “program monster,” and that if I set goals for myself, to exceed those expectations. My plans after GCF are to go back to school and go forth with my career choices. If it were not for Team Leaders Elliezer Villanueva and Lawrence Harris, I would have not completed my term at GCF. I also want to give a personal thanks to my mother, who was one of the original Corps Members when AmeriCorps first started. If it were not for her, I would have probably passed this opportunity up.

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