Hannah Abdulhameed

Hannah’s Testimonial:

Green City Force has meant a lot to me for the last few months. I’ve met new people and gained new friends. It has taught me a lot about myself and to be open to new experiences. I chose to become a Green City Force Corps Member because they offer a lot of opportunities for young adults and I wouldn’t give up on an opportunity where it’s different events each day. Before I came to Green City Force I was working with Save Our Streets which I enjoyed very much, and I also was thinking about what I wanted to do with my life and what career I wanted to take. The most important thing I’ve learned at Green City Force is to be yourself and be open to new experiences. My plan after Green City Force is to go to college for graphic design, fashion design, and writing, and get a part-time job. I would like to thank Lawrence for giving me this opportunity. I really enjoyed myself. I also would like to thank my Team Leader, Aram. He does so much for his team.

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