Hakim Jeffrey Testimony

Green City Force has been the one of the most upbringing moments of my life. I choose to serve with GCF to display my everlasting grit and quality of what it means to be an efficient worker. After coming out of high school I was lost in what I wanted to do with my life and I felt I was at a stagnant point of growth. I’ve tried to enroll in minimum wage jobs but my luck was very tough In landing a job to something as simple as fast food or retail. I needed security in myself because I felt like my life was being wasted while knowing I have so much potential. Being a Corp member has taught a new meaning of life where no matter where you come or whatever you’ve been through success will come your way by maintaining your ambition and confidence to succeed in anything. Without GCF and my supportive Team Leaders I wouldn’t be the positive young man who always wants to set the bar limitless in anything that comes my direction causing no barrier to stop me in my path of continuous growth. Thank you GCF!

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