Jumanne Greene

Jumanne’s Testimonial:

I have been places and experienced things in my life time that at times give me so much pride and joy, but I have also had experiences that have left me discouraged. Through the spectrum of my endeavors, I have always grown and learned from them in a positive way. I joined Green City Force with no knowledge of what I would get out of it. I seek to placing myself in new environments to challenge my potential, receive higher levels of understanding and reach milestones I wouldn’t have seen in my future. Right before I joined GCF, I was doing construction training with the NRTA who was partnered with NYCCT. There I gained sight of a career in electrical work. Being a Corps Member of GCF, I’ve had opportunities to further expand my skill set by obtaining certifications in my newfound career field. GCF has been a place for me to branch out and meet new people as well as explore a field I’ve barely encountered. Here, I learned about Urban Agriculture and Sustainability. GCF has given me an opportunity to incorporate these new skills with the ones I’ve had previously and look at my career in a different light. To me it has been fun, spending time with my team and forming a dynamic bond with them that some people are often incapable of doing. After GCF, I want to continue my search for an apprenticeship as an Electrician’s Assistant and also continue my education taking up a new major of Electrical Engineering.

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