Goldine Davis

Goldine’s Testimonial:

Green City Force will forever be a big milestone in my life. They gave me the opportunity to
build myself, my skills and potential as well as teaching me about the effects I have on the
planet. I have not only increased my knowledge of the environment, but I have also had
the opportunity to make minor changes to it. Green City Force helped me to network around
the five boroughs, which has opened many doors for me in the years to come. They’ve help
me grow to my fullest potential, constantly pushing for us to strive. The moment I was
introduced to Green City Force, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to meet their expectations,
but Green City Force doesn’t discriminate and I will take that with me with each opportunity
that presents itself. Green City Force is not only changing the world, but they are changing
lives, one cohort at a time.

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