Terrell Fulwood

Terrell’s Testimonial:

If you asked me six months ago to explain Green City Force, I would not have known what to say. On paper it looks like just a way to earn a stipend and get out your house for more than eight hours. But now, after all is said and done, the program has given me more than just means to an end of job rejections. To me, Green City Force means that with a little help and constant determination you can rise above the generic jobs of our youth and be more than just a cashier at McDonald’s. That’s why I decided to become a Corps Member with GCF. I was doing nothing much before Green City Force but eating, sleeping, and wasting my life. Green City Force was not only a way to help sustain my family and me financially, but it also helped me engage my passion. I like helping others; I enjoyed every service location we went to and I’d like to think that I made a difference no matter where I went. During my time in Green City Force I learned so many things, from helping people save money on their energy bill with EmPower New York to teaching first graders Food Based Learning on the farm out in Red Hook. I will bring the skills I learned throughout the program everywhere I go. After Green City Force, I hope to keep in touch. I know that even with all the help GCF gives you, it is only half the work; the rest depends on how much you put in.

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