Andrew Fragosa

Andrew’s Testimonial:

Green City Force is a place of opportunity and change. It is a place where you can grow as an adult and start off on your career path. I chose to join GCF when I learned about the opportunities they open up for Corps Members. They can open the door to success for us, but it’s our choice to walk through that door. Before GCF I was working off the books at a grocery store in Jamaica, Queens. I wanted to grow and GCF gave me that opportunity. GCF has taught me that if you wish to live a successful life you have to work hard at every little thing you do. Thanks to GCF I am now going to college to pursue my dreams of becoming a paramedic. I have to thank Mr. Elliezer Villanueva for always believing in me. He always knew I could do whatever I set my mind to. Whenever I slacked off he made sure I realized and understood that I can’t make it if I slack. The program is really tough; I even thought about leaving, but Elliezer never let me quit. He always had my back. If there were ever a person whom I would call my role model, it would be Mr. Elliezer Villanueva.

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