Mykel Forman

Mykel’s Testimonial:

Green City Force means a lot to me and has even taken the shape of a family, due to the everlasting amount of support that they distribute to each and every Corps Member. I have learned a tremendous amount of skills being a part of this family. Whether I gained hard skills through our service experience or soft skills that made me a better person, I feel I can transfer all of these skills to the work place to be the best employee I can be. One of the skills which I value the most is punctuality; I believe it demonstrates my determination, and it is a great skill that can be used not only in working environments, but also in the real world. Green City Force also taught me about sustainability. I’ve realized that I want to gain a sustainable career that I can grow with, instead of another dead-end job. I want to take my construction skills that I’ve gathered during GCF, along with all the other helpful skills, to become a construction worker or carpenter. I really want to thank Lawrence Harris for guiding me into being more mature in a working environment. Before I was on Lawrence’s team, I use to challenge authority figures in almost anything possible. My parents always raised me to be respectful, so Lawrence showed me that I should respect others the way I want to be respected. Also, I want to thank Lawrence for being such a powerful motivation. With a background like Lawrence’s, he proved that anything is possible if you think sustainable.

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