Shaheed Farrell

Shaheed’s Testimonial:

Before Green City Force I was a high school graduate who did not know what was to come next. I wasn’t prepared for college because I thought that I was getting a scholarship to go to school until it got taken away because of my knee injury. I was pretty lost and scared until I was given an awesome opportunity to be a part of this great AmeriCorps program. They helped me so much in my development of being a professional and building my confidence in what I want to do. GCF gave me another perspective on life that I was never exposed to. I greatly appreciate that. I am greatly thankful for the amount of help GCF has given me and my peers. GCF has had such an impact on my life because it inspired me to help more people in my community. It opened my eyes to new opportunities and career paths that I plan on following. Thanks to Green City Force, I am truly happy again!!

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