Edwin Rodriguez

Edwin’s Testimonial:

Before joining Green City Force I was on the run looking for employment to be able to support myself and get on my feet. I wanted to go to school to further my education and major in music and movies. I still want to achieve that career that is my passion. Ever since I became a Corps Member I experienced a lot of labor work and learned so much about the program and what is going on with the earth today. Green City Force helped me improve on my punctuality, appearance, and communication skills. I have met new people and did a lot of different things such as urban farming, solar panels, AEA, and GPRO. The different certifications and opportunities experienced were really great and helpful. Green City Force has encouraged me to strive for success and make positive changes in the world and in my life. Green City Force is an example that you can become anything you want to become as long as you set your mind to it.

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