Eliazer Perdomo

Eliazer’s Testimonial:

For me, Green City Force opened the door to new opportunities in my life, and my standard. But first I should start from the beginning. Before GCF, I used to work at the Dollar Tree on Intervale Avenue, overnight stock for three years. I decided to become a Corps Member because I like to challenge myself and try new things that can change not only me, but make the difference for everyone. I was able to change and become something, and my life will burn like a fireball. I learned how to build a farm from scratch by measuring the area; learned how to be a carpenter; learned the components of planting vegetables and perennial plants and their family members; learned to understand the properties of wood chips, compost, and soil; gave community engagement to the housing residents, even to people who speak Spanish, explaining what we were building and why; learned new pleasant recipes in culinary class–it was delightful, awesome and spicy, even if it was for a short time. But the most important thing that I have learned is how to work with a team. It is not good to work alone, for teamwork makes the dream work. In life nothing is easy, and getting lost in the sauce is not the right choice. My plan after graduating is to start by getting a job so that I can study animation and filmmaking in college, or study to be a blacksmith or mechanic. I have faith that I will find success. It can be rough, but I like to challenge myself and see what my future will hold for me.

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