Joshua Edwards

Joshua’s Testimonial:

Green City Force has been more than a 6-month job training program – it has been a wonderful journey that has allowed me to become a better individual. GCF has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and I’ve learned to embrace being a leader. While being in GCF, I have become more confident in myself and I’ve become fully prepared to embrace my future. All the soft skills, hands-on training and constructive feedback that I’ve received here has helped me to work harder and want more for myself. The positive atmosphere at Green City Force has allowed me to be myself and has helped me to become more professional and get used to how to act in the workplace. The trust of allowing Corps Members, such as myself, to take on roles of leadership on different tasks has given me the courage I need to conquer any obstacle that I may face, and I’ve learned how to deal with different situations (professional and personal) in ways that will resolve them while helping those involved. If I had the chance to redo GCF, I wouldn’t change a second of this experience. Thank you Corps Members and GCF staff for helping Josh become all that he can be!

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