Derek Edwards

Derek’s Testimonial:

I first joined Green City Force to escape from the rut I was in. I completed a semester of college with a 0.0 GPA and was out of work for 2 years. It made me feel like everything was hopeless and all of my talents were going to go to waste. Green City Force has given me not only a push in the right direction, but also a head start in my career path. Of course, I wish to thank my family; my interviewer Kenta, for seeing something in me that I thought I had lost; Elleizer, for talking me out of leaving the program at one point- a very silly idea; Lawrence, for being such an inspiration to me in and out of service; and Oronde, for showing me the importance of punctuality in the work place. There are many others I’d like to thank, but there is not enough space for it. I am very thankful to Green City Force for showing a kid from the projects that six months can help shape up the rest of his future.

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