Domingo Morales

Domingo’s Testimonial:

Before being accepted into Green City Force I was working a dead end job. I had no hope for my future and I felt defeated. I saw a flyer about Green City Force in my building and I felt like the flyer was put there for me. I needed a fresh start and the flyer was my ticket. During my time as a Corps Member I learned a lot about environmental, social, and economic injustices. With the help of GCF staff, my Team Leader Andrew, Corey from Added Value and David Buckel I have reached new heights in my life. Green City Force presented me with endless opportunities. For me Green City Force was my inspiration to live a better life, to reach for the stars. I fell in love with Farming and Composting. If not for Green City Force I would never have never discovered my true passion. I now have a career. I am an Organics Recovery Coordinator at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden doing something that I love to do, Composting! Thank You Lisbeth Shepherd. Without you none of this would be possible!

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