Delvis Garcia Testimony

One thing I can say about Green City Force is that I will always be grateful and appreciative of all the work GCF does not only for the community, but for its employees and members. They go to great lengths to help and guide in any way that they can. When I first read about GCF, I immediately felt like I needed to be apart of this program. Sustainability was always something I found interesting but was never fully exposed to how everything worked. GCF educated me on the importance of sustainability and informing residents on the Zero Waste program & recycling. Also, it provided me with the tools to further pursue any opportunity that I find interest in and get me out of the house. The most important thing I learned at GCF was perseverance and the willingness to get out of bed everyday to make a greater impact in the community, and encourage others to pave a greener way for the next generation. Also, I learned to make connections with people because you never know how far that connection will take you in the future. I would love to thank Jen, Lisbeth, Wesley, the Team Leaders and everyone involved in the efficient powerful program that Green City Force truly is.

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