Evelyn Del Castillo

Evelyn’s Testimonial:

As promised, the 6 months passed like wildfire. Flaming for what seemed like an eternity, but before I really knew it, burned out. During this time, I realized what GCF meant to me: it meant promise. And not the pinky-swearing kind, but more so the kind of promise you find in a person. In my case, it was the rapid growth in such a short time that has shaped me for the better. Before I became a Corps Member, I had just graduated high school with full honors, but no college. It really worried me!
I had already been waiting for about the half the school year, and everyone I knew had something for themselves outside the school walls waiting for them. The most important thing I’ve learned from GCF is how to carry myself as an adult. I had the drive, I had the smarts and I now have the experience- I don’t have to be afraid of growing up or doubt my independence. After GCF, I’m heading straight to school, and the help it has given me landed me a spot in Lehman College! I’m going to be an artist!

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