Dayron Brown

Dayron’s Testimonial:

I walked into Green City Force wanting a job. Now I’m graduating from Green City Force and I want to be a social entrepreneur. I used to want a job and now I want a career. Green City Force gave me the motivation to want to be a better person in life. All of the skills that I learned through Green City Force guarantee that I will always be able to get a job and also that I can complete any task given to me. I am confident enough to say this because I noticed a change in my work ethic ever since I started attending Green City Force. The magnificent GCF staff helped me with my punctuality and also my ability to do efficient work. They stayed on top of me to make sure I stayed focused and I needed that to help me become a better person. I just sincerely want to thank the GCF staff for picking me for this program and blessing me with this opportunity.

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