Datsha Mitchell

Datsha’s Testimonial:

Go Green!! Years ago I would have heard that term and childishly made jokes and
showed my lack of care. Now when I hear it I think about professionalism, growth,
and saving. GCF helped me understand the meaning of saving energy, unplugging
things when you leave the apartment, keeping lights off in the house if you’re just
sitting around watching TV, taking less minutes in the shower, and recycling. Also,
as I struggled with certain things in my life, hanging out, following the wrong crowd, GCF staff were my family they never gave up on me. e love was so genuine. I always wanted to be around the positive energy. By going out and applying myself to the world and networking, I landed a job at LaGuardia Airport as a full time Ticket Checker. I have been there four weeks and my position has changed twice. At my new position, I noticed the airport saves energy with their recycling cans and CFL and LED light bulbs throughout my entire terminal. I pay attention to my surroundings now and I teach as I go along. “Each one, teach one, reach one” is a quote that I stick by thanks to GCF. I want to thank everyone. The experience was amazing and no matter where I go, everyone will hear how GCF helped me grow.

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