Daniel Silvia

My Green City Force experience serving 10 months with AmeriCorps has been memorable from orientation to present. My colleagues became friends. Networking through different organizations, traveling throughout the five boroughs, fulfilling non-profit duties through agricultural and environmental protection practices. GCF has brought me a broader perspective on how I view my communities, the injustices within our local food system, and how it impacts residents within the community. I chose to become a Corps Member because I wanted to help my community through service, and also to work on communication skills. Before Green City Force I was unemployed after leaving a skilled trade. One day, a GCF Outreach Team doing energy audits had me and a close friend sign up. The most important things I’ve taken away from Green City Force are professional development, acquiring skills and trades, knowledge and experience to learn different types of food systems, certifications, and serving within NYCHA developments making an important impact. After GCF I’m still uncertain on where I’ll be or if my path will align with a green career. But, I am open to the opportunities they offer and trades within them. The green sector has growth towards employment. By being an activist, I would like to address the social, environmental, food, and racial barriers within our society through lyrical outreach. I would like to thank Andrew for words of wisdom, Carson for advice and support, and Che’von for motivational statements and a sense of humor. I would also like to thank GCF for training young adults from NYCHA developments to serve our communities, inspire to educate youth, pursue personal interests, and start businesses and pathways to careers.

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