Kadiatou Dabo

Kadiatou’s Testimonial:

“Service Before Self.” SERVICE: That seven-letter word that drove me out of my comfy bed everyday these past six months. From installing subfloors in the Rockaways, to packaging thousands of tons of food up in Hunts Point; from harvesting crops at the Amboy garden, to doing outreach to help low income families; from installing drywall in the hurricane-stricken basements of Canarsie, to air sealing in the attics of Staten Island. Every mosquito bite, every splinter, every burn, every scar were marks of what I call a WARRIOR. Instead of burdens these marks carry memories that I will forever cherish. These marks are reminders of the difference I have made in the lives of those in need and reminders of what I have accomplished. GCF was not just a job-training program to me, it was a way for me to give back and to fulfill my duty to the world through service. My term here in GCF may be over, but my time in this world is not and my service to this world WILL NOT stop here. Special thanks to Kenta for making this great opportunity possible for me and thanks to all the staff, especially Team Leaders Oronde and Wesley for helping me find my place not only in the program but also in the world where I can leave my mark. I greatly appreciate their guidance, support and motivation.

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