Dani Aiken

Dani’s Testimonial:

My time in Green City Force was a real different experience for me, especially considering the person I was coming into the program. I’ve always had a problem with authority and being told what to do. I’ve always had a strong personality and was always strong about my opinions. My Team Leader, Lawrence, was always supportive and understanding and always gave advice and called us on our wrongs, which empowered growth in this learning experience. Lawrence and other staff always told me they admired my work ethic and always told me I can do better if I just improve those minor issues, and that I can be a great asset to whatever I choose or want to do, to be a positive change in the world. GCF teaches you to work hard and achieve everything the world has to offer. The staff at Green City Force made me open my eyes and consider my future. They made me realize that life doesn’t function that way and you have to make certain changes to get the right changes in life. Every individual on staff that is back stage from what you see while in service, is working for you, working to improve you, and working on building your brand and making that brand last forever. All you have to do is open your mind and be understanding and open for change. Look towards the future and always try to do better than your past. I am truly thankful to Green City Force for enforcing change and helping me learn how to make each day a better day.

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