Cyndra Davis

Cyndria’s Testimonial:

Green City Force has done so much for me I don’t know where to begin. First and foremost,
GCF definitely opened my eyes towards the green world. Prior to GCF, I had heard things about
“going green “, but I didn’t really realize how serious the issue is. I had the pleasure of learning
about sustainability through working at the Red Hook Community Farm. I felt good knowing
that I was helping my community through supplying the residents with fresh crops. Working
on the farm was something I had never experienced before, from the weather conditions,
to lifting wheel barrels of wood chips, and turning tons of compost. Being on the farm in 90
degree weather and 30 degree weather was a challenge, but I’m glad it was one I was able to
overcome. I will not forget this experience; it made me a stronger person literally. My favorite
memory for working on the farm was the day I worked the compost table. That day we raised
26 dollars. It felt good to see all the hard work we do on the compost being appreciated and to
see people supporting us. Green City Force has opened my mind to a whole new green world
and taught me that I could make it through anything even when I feel as if I can’t. I will always
cherish this experience and especially the people I shared it with: my fellow Corps Members.

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