Curtis Salter

Curtis’ Testimonial:

My life before Green City Force was very short of everything. I wanted to go to school for automotive and technology. I wanted to learn more about cars and how to work. I couldn’t find a job after high school, but I got the idea from my mother of Green City Force. She told me they give stipends of $500, a monthly MetroCard, and benefits and money to go back to college. When I met Lawrence, he explained the program to me and he told me it could get me a great career or my own business. So, Green City Force was a great choice for me. I wanted to help other residents like me to save energy and keep up with sustainability. The last six months I’ve been gaining knowledge and working skills in different fields. My experience with Green City Force was great because I met a lot of cool people and am hoping I get a perfect job after this. Thanks for the opportunity.

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