Corey Williams

Corey’s Testimonial:

When I came into Green City Force, I was hoping to learn a lot about the green field in general.
Such as volunteer work, what it truly means to be green, and most important to me, the jobs
we can get after the program is over and transition from being a regular person to a new
and reformed person who cares about the environment. For the most part, Green City Force
excelled my expectations and went above and beyond in professionalism, dedication to their
brand as a non-profit organization, and the genuine care that they feel toward the Corps
Members. What I’ve learned in the program is a plethora of things such as hard skills, soft
skills, the importance of the way you speak while you are in the work place, and how important
punctuality is. Green City Force made me really understand these skills and how to use them
to advance. After Green City Force I plan to pursue a career in the green industry doing SBDI
(Small Business Direct Installation) outreach and up-sales.

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