Kyle Colquhoun

Kyle’s Testimonial:

Before joining Green City Force, I spent every day job hunting. I would spend each day going to interviews with no success. No matter how hard I tried to impress people, they always refused to give me a chance. When I decided to apply to Green City Force, I assumed that the exact thing would happen and I’d be sent away without so much of a second glance. Turns out I was wrong! Green City Force decided to give me a shot and see what I was capable of. I was put through farming, coating rooftops white, and the most exhausting work of all: college preparation. Hardly any of the field service had the best weather conditions, but it was all worth it! I’ve learned a lot about the green environment almost to the point where I can teach it. I’ve been given more opportunities in six months than I’ve ever had in my whole life! I finally have a chance to carve my own path to a future, using the strength provided to me by everyone who saw something in me and pushed me to where I am now and where I will be. Building Analyst, here I come!

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